dashboard Sales Lead Management System

Never lose a client again!

Never lose a client again!

dashboard™ is an extremely simple web application for you to manage sales leads.

  • Convert leads into deals

    Convert leads into deals

    • Create new forms or use our templates
    • Share forms with the internet and collect leads.
    • Use our API to connect forms with dashboard™
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  • Form powered by dashboard

Manage all of your sales leads

Import, view, share, and assign
sales leads. Add notes,
documents and lead sources.

Customize your sales processes

Customize your account.
Build lead types and integrate
your website via our API.

Follow up with reminders

Notifications keep you on
schedule. Look up tasks
by user, day, or type.

  • Quickly deploy marketing campaigns with Lead Plugger™
  • Sales Tip

Design Your Own Lead Capturing Landing Pages and...

And bring the data into dashboard

And bring the data into dashboard

Create forms and share them on the internets