I need a simple software to manage all my leads!

What dashboard does for me:

  • Helps me speed up my sales
  • Is integrated with leads providers
  • Keeps my schedule organized
  • Tracks the status of my leads
  • Makes my life easier

Dashboard integrates with the lead providers you already buy leads from!

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Easily track leads from any source!

Speed Up Sales

dashboard allows you to quickly
identify profitable lead sources so that
you can better focus you marketing efforts.

Top Notch Tech

We are integrated with the lead
providers you already buy leads from.
You order from them and they deliver to you.

What dashboard does for me:

  • Flexible - Integrate with other software
  • Lead Generation - Create contact forms
  • Accountability - Monitor sales reps
  • Increased Productivity - Simple and easy
  • Resourceful - Import existing leads

Manage all your sales leads

Import, view, share, and assign sales leads. Add notes, documents and lead sources.

Follow up with reminders

Notifications keep you on schedule. Look up tasks by user, day, or type.

Generating Leads

Quickly deploy marketing campaigns with Lead Plugger™

Sales Tip!

Create your own Lead Capturing Landing Pages and...

Use our Lead Plugger™ to bring leads into dashboard™

What is a Landing page?

If you want to generate your own leads, a landing page can help your customer focus on your offer and provide you with valuable lead information that will help you close deals faster. usually, landing pages feature one specific use and they are focused on lead generation. Go ahead, have fun!