Adding Leads

What is the quickest way to add a lead to the system?

dashboard has integrated several ways for a user to add a new lead to the system. The quickest way to enter a single lead is to click on the add new lead button. This button is located on the left side of the the top navigational menu bar, to the immediate left of leads tab.


1. Clicking the add new lead button will display the default fields available for a new lead entry, a submit button and an option to cancel the entry. Once a lead is saved to the system it may be edited or deleted at any time.


Whenever a new lead is added, options to select a lead type and lead source are given along with an option to save the lead or cancel.

1. The lead type selected determines which fields are populated in the edit form. If the general lead type is selected, a first and last name is required by default. To revise the fields of any given lead type go to Settings then Leads Setup. Support pages for editing lead types can be found here.

2. Selecting the correct lead source helps to keep track of where the best leads are coming from. Some possible options for lead sources are a trade show, a referring agency, web page and email marketing campaign. Leads can come from anywhere so we've made sure you can customize this attribute. To edit lead sources go to Settings, Leads Setup and click the Lead Sources button for the appropriate lead type. Support pages for lead sources can be found here.

3. The first and last name is required by default if the General lead type is selected. Required fields can be edited by revising the form for their associated lead type.

4. Once selections have been made and the lead information has been entered, click "I'm done!" to save the lead or cancel to abandon changes.

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How do I import leads in bulk?

Who wants to manually enter hundreds or thousands of leads if they are already in a spreadsheet somewhere? No one. That's why we've made sure to incorporate functionality to upload leads in bulk via a handy-dandy import tool. dashboard has also created an API that makes it possible to post leads to your account. Find out more by clicking here. Located to the right of the "Add New Lead" screen is the bulk lead upload box with links and instructions.


1. Clicking on the Import Leads link inside the box labeled "Bulk lead upload" will display the .csv file upload pane. Currently, dashboard supports .csv files, which are compatible with Outlook, SalesForce, ACT!, NetSuite, Google Contacts, SugarCRM & GoldMine. Check back in the near future for XLS, XML and VCARD importing.


1. dashboard has provided a sample .csv file with the fields for the General lead type as a template. The fields inside the leads .csv file should match the fields of the lead type they are to be categorized as. Please feel free to call support if additional help is needed importing leads from pre-existing spreadsheets.

2. Select the .csv file containing leads for bulk importing.

3. Click "To Step 2" to start the upload or "cancel" to abandon process.


1. Step two asks the user to match the system's lead type fields from the ones inside the uploaded .csv file. Make appropriate selections and click "Set field & preview" or cancel changes. Unmatched fields will appear with an "N/A" on the preview screen. If all is correct, click "Set fields & preview" or "cancel" to re-display the fields matching screen.

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What are the default fields for a lead?

Lead type
The default lead type supplied by the system is "general" and can be customized depending on a user's requirements. Customizing lead types come in very handy for organizing, filtering and displaying lead lists. To learn more about custom lead types, click here.
Lead source
The default lead source supplied by the system is "manual entry". Customized lead sources could include "web list", "convention" or "trade show", etc. Creating specific custom lead source categories enables users to keep track of where their best deals are coming from and where to focus sales energies most efficiently.
First Name
This is the first name of the lead contact.
Last Name
This is the last name of the lead contact.
This is the email address of the lead contact. In future versions, dashboard will integrate email marketing campaign functionality which will allow for mass e-mailings to all or some stored lead contact email addresses.
This is the website/URL for the lead contact.
This is the company name the lead contact is associated with.
Address 1
This is the first line of a lead contact's address. This field can be used for company or home address of the contact.
Address 2
This is the second line of a lead contact's address. This field can be used for company or home address of the contact.
This is the city the lead contact either holds an office or resides.
This is the state that the lead contact holds an office or resides.
This is the zip code that the lead contact holds an office or resides.
Phone Number
This is the primary contact number to reach your lead, usually a land line such as a home or office phone.
Cell Number
Having a second contact number for a lead, preferably a cellular number, can mean the difference between a done deal and a dead deal. dashboard includes cell number by default so you can better reach your lead.
Fax Number
This is the facsimile contact for a lead.
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What fields are required when adding a lead?

By default, when the General lead type is selected, the lead's first and last name are the only required fields. But because we believe our customers should get to decide on the required fields for their leads, we've built our form builder to require only the "lead identifier". A user can have an unlimited amount of lead types, meaning unlimited forms with custom fields, even required ones. To learn more about custom forms, visit here.

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How many leads can I add to my account?

You can add as few as 1 lead and as many as 25,000,000,000,000,000 leads or more! dashboard does not enforce lead count limits on our account holders, even the free ones.

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