How much does dashboard cost and when will I be charged?

dashboard is only $14.95 per month, per user for the first six months. After that the cost is $19.95 per month, per user. All charges are billed for the month in advance and charges post on the day of signup, unless it is the 29th, in which case your account will be charged on the 1st.

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How long does my trial account last?

Trial accounts expire after 30 days and all features of our software are fully enabled during this time. Once a trial has expired, a user will see a screen to add credit card information once logged in. Users can add their card info, adjust the total users in their account before being billed or cancel their account. Leads can be exported at this time as well with no further obligation.

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What if I add a user in the middle of a billing cycle?

No worries. We prorate charges from the date of signup of the new user for the remainder of the time until your next usual billing date.

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If you have questions or concerns about a refund, please email

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