Deal Detail Attributes

What are deal detail attributes and where can I find them?

Like leads, every deal comes complete with status, value, closing and source attributes assigned to it. These attributes are located directly under the lead detail header and can be adjusted at any time by clicking on corresponding sections.


1. Deal Status

Clicking the Deal Status box will display a drop down with selections of stages of the sales process previously configured. By default, when a deal is converted the status is set to "Won". If the status is changed to a setting other than "Won", the application will prompt the user whether or not to convert the deal back to a lead.

2. Deal Worth

This field is the monetary value of the deal and can be as little as one cent or as high as needed.

3. Conversion Date

Set or reset the conversion date easily with a drop down calendar.

4. Deal Source

Keeping track of which sources generate the most successful deals is a cinch with dashboard. The source manager can be found by navigating to the settings page and clicking on "Lead Sources". Type the title or name of the lead source and click "Add Source". Once the source is saved it will be available as a selection in any drop down that source is referenced.

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How do I revise a deal's attributes?

Each deal attribute can be edited by clicking on the attribute box. Enter changes and click the green accept button.

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How does setting the maturity status affect my deal?

Clicking the Lead Status and Maturity box will display a drop down with selections of stages of the sales process previously configured. If the default stages aren't fine tuned enough for your sales process, Lead Status and Maturity percentages can be customized by setting up the status names and percentages inside the sales process setup.

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Where do I find out how much my deal is worth?

Clicking "This deal was worth" allows a user to enter the value of the lead. Enter the dollar amount and click the green check to approve or the red cancel button to abandon changes.

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How do I change the closing date of a deal?

Expected closing date is equipped with a calendar for ease of date picking. Simply click the box for closing date, select a date from the calendar and the newly selected date will automatically be displayed.

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How does the source attribute help me make better use of my time?

Lead source can be adjusted at any time by clicking the section marked "Lead Source". This will display a drop down with previously configured lead sources or the system default lead source, "Manual Entry". To configure custom lead sources visit the settings page, click "Lead Sources" and follow instructions on screen. The Manual Entry lead source is permanent and cannot be deleted. Once lead sources have been saved to an account they can be accessed from the lead source drop down for any lead. Click the box marked "Lead Source", select the appropriate source entry and save the selection to commit changes.

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