Deleting Leads

Deleting Leads Individually

It is possible to delete leads from either the lead listing view or from the lead detail view. Leads can be deleted one at a time or many at a time.


1. To delete selected leads from the list view, click the checkbox to the left of the lead in the lead details screen and select "Delete" from the Actions dropdown. This will permanently delete the lead and update a user's recent activities list.


1. To delete leads from the lead detail screen, click on the Actions button located on the right side of the lead detail header and select "Delete Lead" from the dropdown.

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Deleting Multiple Leads

Deleting leads in bulk is an easy task thanks to dashboard's lead "Actions" dropdown.


1. To delete more than one lead at a time, check the "Every Lead in this page" box and select "Delete" from the Actions dropdown. Confirmation text will appear as a safety measure. Click "yes" to delete forever or cancel the action.

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