Managing Users

How does dashboard help me manage my sales team?

Members of a team can be classified as either Administrators, Managers or Sales Representatives. An Administrator has access to all leads and deals in the system and has the permissions to add, edit and delete users, leads, deals and contacts. Managers can have sales reps assigned to them and can view activity for any sales representative in their group. A manager can also add a sales team member, if permitted. A Sales Rep can only see his or her own leads and deals and can either be assigned to a manager or set as an independent.

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How do I add a user?

dashboard can easily accommodate a sales force of one or one thousand. To begin managing users, click on the "People" link located on the top right of the application, directly under the welcome message.


1. To create a new user profile, click on the "Add New User" button located on the top right of the "People" header.

The application will display your details to the left and the details for the new user to the right. dashboard requires, at a minimum, a user's first name, last name, email address and the acceptance of our terms and conditions. Select the level of permissions desired for the user, the user's assigned manager and click "Send Invite".

Once a user has been added, an activation email will be sent to the email address provided for the user. The user's status will become active when the new user clicks the link inside the activation email.

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I'm having trouble adding a user. Can you help me?

Check to make sure you've correctly added the new user's email address and that you've checked the terms and conditions box. If you still can't get the new user added, by all means give us a call. We're always happy to help.

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How do I re-send the invitation to join dashboard?

From the people listing view, select "Resend invitation" and another invite email will go out immediately.

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How do I modify a user's profile?

From the user list on the people screen, select the user to be edited by clicking the pencil icon. The user's profile will be displayed with all previously saved data and also includes an option to reset password. Enter changes and click "Update" to save data or "cancel" to abandon changes.

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Who can edit a user's profile?

Only Admins can edit everyone's information. Managers can also make profile changes so long as they've been given permission to do so by an Admin. Of course, Sales Reps can edit their own profile information at any time.

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Email Notification Settings

To modify email notification settings for a user, select the preferred notification check boxes in the email notification pane, located to the right of the user profile detail screen.

Notifications can be sent for any new lead assigned to a user, new leads shared with a user, existing leads converted to deals, documents newly attached to existing leads, new notes, status changes, closing date changes and estimated amount changes.

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What are the permissions of the users in my account?

Admins can see/edit/delete everything the managers in their account can see. Managers can see/edit/delete anything their sales reps can see. Sales reps can see/edit/delete anything their managers have given them access to in the user profile setup screen.

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How do I delete a user?

From the people screen user list, select the user to be deleted by clicking the trash icon. As a safety measure, dashboard will ask for confirmation before deletion and prompts for the re-assignment of leads to an existing user, if applicable.

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