Revising Deals

How do I edit a deal?

To make changes to a deal's details click the "edit lead info" link, located to the right of the deal detail header inside the deal detail view. The fields inside the detail view will become editable once revisions have been enabled and options for saving and abandoning changes will be displayed to the user.


1. Clicking on the "edit deal info" button will expand the deal detail view and display the editable fields for that deal. From here a user can change any of the associated deal values and save or cancel changes.

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How many times can a deal be revised?

Unlike a printed deal sheet, a dashboard managed deal can be edited infinitely and as often as a deal owner chooses.

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Can I edit multiple deals at once?

For simplicity sake, dashboard does not allow more than one deal to be edited at once.

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How do I convert my deal back to a lead?

Click on the status and maturity box, select the stage that best applies and click the green accept button. A confirm conversion screen will appear. Confirm to proceed or cancel to keep the lead set as a deal.

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I got my deal back! How do I convert a lead back to a deal?

Simply set the maturity status to 100% or click the "Convert to Deal" button located to the right of the lead detail screen.


1. Clicking the "Convert to Deal" button immediately moves the lead into the deal section and updates values in the pipeline quick reports.

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Can I add my own fields and functions to a deal?

dashboard has built custom lead types into the application which allows users to create individually tailored forms for customized lead capture. To learn how to create forms that fit your needs exactly, view the support pages here. We are working hard on our API and custom functions will be available in the near future.

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