Revising Leads

How do I edit a lead?

A lead is only as good as the information it contains. That's why we've made it super simple to revise or delete a lead. To revise a lead first click on any lead in a lead listing to enable a detail view for a particular lead. Once inside of a detail view, a user is given an option to click on the "edit lead info" button, located in the top right of the lead info header.


1. Clicking on the "edit lead info" button will expand the lead detail view and display the editable fields for that lead. From here a user can change any of the associated lead values and save or cancel changes.


1. Revise the appropriate fields and re-save the lead.

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How many times can a lead be revised?

Unlike a printed lead sheet, a dashboard managed lead can be edited as often as a lead owner chooses and maintains a history of every action applied to the lead.

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Can I edit multiple leads at once?

For simplicity sake, dashboard does not allow more than one lead to be edited at once.

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Can I add my own fields and functions to a lead?

Yes you can! dashboard includes a complete set of form building tools that allows our account holders to create forms, publish and share them and then imports the lead capture data directly into their accounts. No more high priced web development costs for lead capture forms and no more hassling with manual entry of the captured data. Create an unlimited amount of forms for as many websites or email address lists as you like, publish and share them and then view the new leads drop into your account in real time! To view the support pages for creating custom lead types and editing associated forms, go [HERE].

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