Sharing and Re-assigning Deals

How do I share deals with another user?

dashboard allows users to easily share leads and deals with other users inside of their account.


1. To share a deal simply select the deal you wish to share from the deal listing and select "Share Deal" from the Actions dropdown. The list of possible users to share with will appear along with a "Share" button. Select the users that will have access and viola! To remove sharing for a user, select the deals you'd like to remove sharing for, select "Share Deal" from the Actions dropdown, uncheck the box next to that user's name and the unshare is complete.


1. To share a deal from the deal detail screen, click the Actions button and select "Share Deal". A dropdown will appear with possible users to share with. Select appropriate users and the share is complete. To unshare the same deal, simply deselect the users you want to unshare the deal with. Click "x" to close the panel.


1. To share deals in bulk, select the box labelled "Every Deal in this page" and click Share from the Actions dropdown once deals have been highlighted.

2. Select the users you wish to share your deals with and click the Share button or cancel to abandon changes.

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How do I re-assign deals to another user?

Re-assigning deals to one or more users inside of an account is easily accomplished with the dashboard Actions dropdown menu.


1. To re-assign a deal, as many times as necessary, click the properties button and select "Re-assign Lead". Choose a user to assign the deal to from the drop down box and click "Re-assign". The history of the deal share will appear in the lead history.


1. To re-assign deals in bulk, click the box marked "Every Deal in this page" and select Re-assign from the Actions dropdown menu. Confirm user to re-assign deal to and click Re-assign or cancel.

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