Why are tags so useful?

One of the best ways to make leads more search friendly is by adding little helpers called "tags". Much like the tags widely used in video and photo websites, lead tags help the filtering system find leads based on the similarities, or "tags" they have in common.

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How do I add a tag from within Quickies?

Tags can be added to any lead or deal from the Quickies menu which is located to the right of any lead or deal detail screen.


1. From inside the Quickies tag tool, check all tags that you'd like added to the lead or deal you are viewing details for. Your newly applied tags will appear above the lead or deal header.

2. Clicking "Create New Tag" will direct you to the "Manage your account tags" screen and you will be able to create new tags and apply them to any lead.

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How do I add a tag from within Settings?

To add and edit tags, click on the "Settings" link located on the top right section of the application, underneath the dashboard welcome message. Once on the settings page, click the "Edit" button inside the Tags panel.

To add one or more tags to a lead, simply type the words you'd like to use as tags and click the "Add tag" button. To delete a tag, check the box next to the tag to display it above the lead info screen. Tags will be highlighted in distinguishing colors with an "x" to the right of them. You can also select the colors you'd like the tag to display with. Click "x" to delete it's corresponding tag. Tags can also be organized from inside the tag manager. To add a tag inside the tag manager simply enter the words into the text field and click "Add tag". Clicking the pencil icon will enable editing and clicking the trash icon will delete the tag.

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I made a mistake on a tag. Can I edit it?

Tags are easily edited via the click of the pencil icon located to the right of the tag in the tags list. The maximum characters permitted for a tag is 15.

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How do I delete my tags?

Tags are easily deleted by either clicking the "x" next to the tag itself or by clicking the trash icon located to the right of the tag description in the tags listing inside the tag manager.

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