To-do Templates

What is a to-do template?

If a user performs the same series of operations for a bulk set of leads, to-do templates will be especially useful. To-do templates are a series of tasks that can be saved and associated with a lead or set of leads. They organize what a sales rep needs to do on a per lead basis or every time for every new lead. Template creation can be accessed from the "settings" page. Click on "edit" to start managing templates. A user can create as many to-do's as needed and edit them at any time.

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How do I create a to-do template?

Start creating a new template by entering a descriptive title into the Template Name field. Next, select the type of task from the drop down menu. By default the drop down is populated with Milestone, Phone Call, Email, Fax, To-do and Appointment.


In the description text field, type in more specifics about your task. For example, if Milestone is selected, the description might be something like, "Mail out preliminary docs". Select from the drop downs the due date in days and minutes then click the "Add to-do" button. The newly entered task item will be saved and another task can be added to the template or click "Update" to save the template.

Once saved, the to-do template can be applied to a lead or a series of leads so that sales reps, managers and even admins can follow the tasks process, helping them to close more deals.

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Who has access to my to-do templates?

Whoever has access to a lead can see all to-do templates, to-dos, notes, tags and documents associated with that lead. If you are a sales rep then your manager and the admin of the account can view to-do templates. If you are a manager then the admin can view to-do templates. Any users who you or your manager and admin have shared the lead with can view all the to-do templates associated with the lead.

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