Viewing Deals

How can I see a listing of all my deals?

Selecting the deals tab in the main navigational panel will display the deals listing screen. A user can filter listing results by lead type, source, owner and by tags. Each deal listing item contains the full name of the deal, latest actions applied to the deal and add date. Clicking on any deal in the listing will display its detail screen.

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How can I search for specific deals?

To display the deals that are earning the most focus, narrow down results with filters. dashboard has the ability to filter deals by Lead Type, Source, Owner and Tags. Choosing efficient tag words that are relevant to your searches will speed the process of looking up those deals. Search filters are located at the top of the Deals Listing and can be found by clicking the "Deals" link in the main navigational menu.


1. To filter results, click the dropdown for the desired attribute and select the criteria from the list that best matches intended search results.

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