Viewing Leads

How do I see a listing of all my leads?

If a user navigates to the leads view without having any leads already entered, the system will notify the user that he does not yet have any leads entered or imported and prompts for a new lead entry with the default lead fields made available. Once a user has at least one lead in the system, clicking the leads tab will display a listing of all leads, new leads appearing in bold.

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Searching, Filtering and Displaying Leads

Having a database full of leads is like having an opportunity at your fingertips every minute of any given day. Imagine a city with too many places to go all at the same time. Suddenly, a metro guide is your new best friend and the five highest rated hot spots or three off the beaten paths become the focus of a great trip. Filters work pretty much the same way.

To display the leads that are earning the most focus, narrow down results with filters. dashboard has the ability to filter leads by Lead Type, Source, Owner and Tags. Choosing efficient tag words that are relevant to your lead searches will speed the process of looking up those leads. Search filters are located at the top of the Leads Listing and can be found by clicking the "Leads" link in the main navigational menu.

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Can I customize my lead listing page?

At this time customization of the leads list is possible through filters and tags. Since the lead listing shows the tags associated with a lead and allows filtering by most important lead attributes, it is easy to preview the leads that matter most for your business.

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