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dashboard - Precisely simple, intuitive design, and a lower cost of ownership. Daily backups, 256K SSL, and Blowfish encryption keep your leads and data safe.

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Sales Leads Organized. Period.

Find leads easier with dashboard's powerful sorting and filtering system. The smart suggestive search gives results before you have finished typing.

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Customized to fit your needs.

dashboard customizes the sales process. dashboard is simple and made for businesses to grow, go now - convert leads into deals℠.

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Sales Leads Organized. Period.

Lead Listing Page

The lead listing page is where all your sales leads are held. Within minutes you can see what new leads have come into your dashboard account. The overview displays the lead’s name, the most recent activity that happened to it and when it happened. The listing also provides the date the lead came into your account.

Sorting & Filtering, Suggestive Search

In a matter of seconds your sales team can find what they are looking for. Now easier than ever with the filtering and sorting systems. The filters can show you sales leads from a specific source such as a purchased prospect list, or by which sales person is working on what leads. Sorting is the ability to see leads alphabetically, date of entry, or date of last activity. The suggestive search box will start displaying results as soon as a letter is keyed in. Sign up here, Free Trial

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The leads listing page has been designed to be streamlined. It is easy on the eyes for higher productivity and minimal eye fatigue.

Time is on your side.

dashboard's To-do section is the task master enforcer. The section is separated into three columns; Late, Today, and Upcoming. We dropped the concept of the traditional calendar and made it into a easy to follow task check list.

To-do's are listed until they are checked off as completed. A notification system sends out reminders about uncompleted to-do's. The filtering system is a quick way to find to-do's by the type or by user. Managers can see what each sales person uncompleted tasks are. Sign up here, Free Trial

Screen Shots of the To-do's page

Notification of late to-do's

Filter to-do's by user and type

Customize dashboard to fit your needs

Your dashboard account is ready to be used as soon as you log in, but what if something needs to be customized? The leads setup and settings area let's you customize your lead customer form, lead sources, and sales process. The people area allows you to add in new users and set their permissions. Sign up here, Free Trial

Watch the Form Builder now

Custom build lead types and web contact forms that connect through dashboard's Lead Plugger API.

Lead Sources

Add in some lead sources to know where leads came from and what sources are producing better leads.

Sales Process

Establish a sales process to be followed for specific lead sources or in general.

Users & Permissions

The sales team has grown, add more sales people to the team and decide what privileges to give them.

Lead Profile Editor & Lead Capture.

Need a lead or quote request collection tool? The lead profile form builder is your answer. Create, edit, and share forms. The form builder uses dashboard's Lead Plugger API to integrate with websites, landing pages, or e-mail blasts and drops generated leads real time into your account. We supply the code you need for an easy integration. Sign up here, Free Trial

View the Form Builder

View one of dashboard's powerful form builder. Integrate your website and work smarter.

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